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Reliable Gene Silencing 

Learn why scientists are switching to siPOOLsTM for RNAi-based target validation & discovery 

siPOOLsTM - RNAi Results You Can Trust

siRNA off targeting in RNA interference (RNAi) is a penetrant problem that greatly impacts experimental results. siPOOLs are high complexity pools of ~30 siRNAs, each carefully designed, that produce highly specific and efficient gene silencing. 
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Transcriptome expression assayed by microarray analysis of HeLa cells administered with 3 nM siRNA or siPOOL (containing the siRNA) show siPOOLs dramatically reduce siRNA off targets (Hannus et al., Nucleic Acids Res, 2014)  
Single siRNAs or 
low complexity siRNA pools 
  • numerous siRNA off targets
  • variable target gene silencing
  • mixed phenotypes -> false positives and negatives
  • additional validation work 
  • difficult-to-interpret data


  • greatly reduced siRNA off targets
  • efficient and robust target gene silencing
  • clean, reproducible phenotypes
  • easy validation - one siPOOL/gene
  • clearly interpretable data

Created by RNAi screeners and Made With Care

siPOOLs were created by RNAi screeners to help scientists avoid the negative outcomes of siRNA off target effects. 

Every siPOOL is custom designed with exceptional care. siPOOLs have complete transcript coverage, avoid paralogues and have optimal siRNA thermodynamics for RISC loading.

Our patented production process ensures siPOOLs are of defined length, equimolar for each siRNA, and PAGE-purified. This prevents stimulation of interferon responses that can produce toxicity.

siPOOLs are covered by a 100% guarantee. If siPOOLs fail to silence genes by ≥ 70% at 10 nM in standard cell lines under optimal transfection conditions, a newly designed and pre-validated siPOOL will be provided for free.

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What siPOOL Users Say

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