Silica Nanoparticles

Silica Nanoparticles



As we pride ourselves on monodispersity, our flagship product SUPSIL PREMIUM reflects a Polydispersity Index (PDI) of  PREMIUM can fit a wide range of applications.


With applications where monodispersity and purity are of less concern, this affordable option will suit your needs. As with our SUPSIL™ PREMIUM product, our size of particles for SUPSIL™ STANDARD range from 50nm to 3 microns. The difference seen between these two products will reflect in the purity (99%), coefficient of variation (< 15 - 20%), and Polydispersity Index (PDI <0.1). 


Our proprietary, patent-pending process has led to large scale production of monodisperse, superhydrophobic silica nanoparticles and microspheres. We retain our ability to target any size between 100 nm to 2 µm while producing  large quantities. The particles are halogen-free and containing no harmful fluorinating agents that are traditionally used to fabricate superhydrophobic surfaces. Our superhydrophobic silica has a guaranteed contact angle of greater than 120 degrees with water.

  • Surface Functionalization

We also offer silane treatments on both the SUPSIL™ PREMIUM and SUPSIL™ STANDARD product lines at commercial scales. We carry out treatment post-synthesis on the dried particles. Typically requested treamtents are:

  • Amine-terminated(3-APS) 
  • Methacrylate-terminated 
  • Imidazole-terminated 
  • Vinyl terminated 

We also provide custom silane treatments. Please contact us directly for any custom treatments that you would require.