RNA affinity purification with raPOOLs




RNA antisense pools, raPOOLs:
  • Enable the study of interacting proteins/nucleic acids with your target RNA.
  • Contain 30 single-stranded biotinylated DNA probes designed with optimized algorithms that avoid off-targets and ensure efficient hybridization with your target RNA.
  • Supplied as kits containing 1 or 2 raPOOLs ± control raPOOLs (positive control: MALAT1)
  • 10 nmol / raPOOL supplied



Advantages of Our Technology


Best deal for biotinylated probes.


Save time designing probes.



Specific, robust RNA enrichment.


Customized design using latest annotations.
  • raPOOL kit-2

    raPOOL kit-2

    2 raPOOLs / target   2 raPOOLs, each containing 30 probes, are provided in this kit. Both raPOOLs contain different sets of probes specific to the target gene, differentiated by probe positions - odd-numbered (pool 1) and even-numbered probes...
  • raPOOL kit-3

    raPOOL kit-3

    1 raPOOL / target+ 1 positive control raPOOL (MALAT1)+ 1 negative control raPOOL This kit contains 1 target-specific raPOOL, 1 positive control raPOOL against MALAT-1 that has previously been validated and a negative control raPOOL against LacZ to...
  • raPOOL kit-4

    raPOOL kit-4

    2 raPOOLs / target+ 2 control raPOOLs This kit contains raPOOL 1 and 2 against the target RNA, and your selection of 2 control raPOOLs i.e. 2 pos. ctrl raPOOLs, 2 neg. ctrl raPOOLs or 1 positive ctrl raPOOL + 1 negative ctrl. raPOOL. Please indicate...