Immunoplates: Exosome Capture, Isolation & Enrichment for Exosome Research


HBM Immunoplates are 96 multiwell plates covalently pre-coated with specific exosome-binding antibodies allowing exosome capture and isolation from different sources (cell supernatant, human plasma, serum, urine and saliva). Covalent coating improves the correct orientation of antibodies maximizing the quantity of immunocaptured exosomes and increasing the binding efficiency of the plate. In addition the coating chemistry reduces the aspecific binding of circulating protein complexes and cell debries, and it helps the enrichment of exosome subpopulations. HBM has developed different types of plates for capturing the overall or enriching specific exosome subpopulations (tumor, neural, glial, monocytes and platelets). Plates are blocked and stabilized for long term storage.

Applications: ELISA immunoplates allow multiple profiling of exosome markers from a single sample or screening of a large number of samples. Exosome capture and quantification from human biofluids (plasma, serum, urine, saliva) and from human or mouse cell media. Enrichment in specific exosome subpopulations (neural, glial, tumor derived). Titration of purified exosomes. Immunoplates are also suitable for RNA extraction from immunocaptured exosomes.

Advantages: Immunoplates are ready to use and stable for long term (up to 2 years). No exosome pre-purification is required. Small amount of sample required (100 μl per well). Open platform for custom coating solutions.


Amount of starting material

Up to 100µL of biological sample can be loaded per well

Unfractionated plasma sample can be directly used for capture

Concentrated urine and cell culture supernatant samples are recommended prior capture according to our suggested protocol, incubate the sample overnight onto the well to bind the exosomes on the plate


The plate is packaged in an opaque aluminum pouch which complies to food and pharmaceutical regulations

Easy to open and resealable by zip-lock feature

Expiration date

Unopened: 1 year stored at 4°C

Opened: 1 month stored at 4°C

Downstream applications

Exosome quantification

Proteomic analyses

Exosome RNA extraction and analyses



  • Ready to use for capture of exosomes in general or specific exosome subpopulations
  • Small sample input - up to 100μL of biological sample per well
  • Excellent results with unfractionated plasma samples
  • No ultracentrifugation steps are required prior capture
  • Capture and enrichment of exosome subpopulations
  • Suitable for RNA extraction and analysis
  • Allows for flexibility in designing a multiplexing assay: a single ELISA plate allows for simultaneous assessment of multiple antigens from a single sample or screening of a large number of samples
  • Flexibility to add and replace primary detection antibodies (from HansaBioMed evolving antibody library)
  • Available plate types (white, black or transparent color) depending on the detection approach
  • Suitable for long term storage (1 year – unopened, 1 month - opened)