Heparin Oligosaccharides

Heparin Oligosaccharides

Prepared from high grade porcine heparin using bacterial Heparinase and isolated by high resolution gel filtration.


General formula: ∆UA,2S - GlcNS,6S - (IdoA,2S – GlcNS,6S)-  IdoA,2S - GlcNS,6S

where 'n' is the number of disaccharide units

n = 0 in the dp4 (HO04) tetrasaccharide

n = 1 in the dp6 (HO06) hexasaccharide

n = 2 in the dp8 (HO08) octasaccharide, etc.


Uronic acid (∆UA) at the non-reducing end of the oligosaccharides has a C4-C5 double bond as a result of the endolytic action of bacterial heparinase.  Although the main disaccharide unit in these products is IdoA,2S – GlcNS,6S (approx 75%) saccharides in each size class show some variation in sulfation.