Heparin/GAG Binding Plates

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H/G Plates
2.00 LBS
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The new plates have been extensively tested by previous customers and perform exactly like the old plates.

According to customer feedback using an HRP-conjugated antibody as the detecting system works better and has a lower background with these new plates.



Surface immobilisation of native glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) in a 96-well format.

  • No modification of GAG necessary.
  • Protein binding properties retained.
  • Versatile and simple to use.
  • Amenable to high throughput screening.
  • Binds GAGs at room temperature using physiological buffers.
  • Binds a wide range of GAGs; from fully sulphated heparin to non-sulphated hyaluronan from high molecular weight polysaccharides down to decasaccharides.

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Galen Array Protocol                    Galen Plate Protocol