Exosomal RNA Extraction Kits

Exosomal RNA Extraction Kits

Total Exosomal RNA Extraction Kits


Exosomes shuttle functional RNA molecules in the target cell. Increasing evidence suggests a role for exosome-derived miRNAs in the development and/or progression of specific human diseases. Pathogenic miRNAs might be exploited as novel therapeutic targets or disease biomarkers in complex diseases, including cancer. In fact, miRNAs seem to play critical roles as transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulators of epigenetic mechanisms and cell processes and have been linked to the etiology, progression and prognosis of cancer. Similar miRNA expression patterns between tumor tissue samples and circulating exosomes have been observed. HBM has developed optimized solutions for the efficient extraction of high-quality total RNA (miRNA and mRNAs) from the overall exosomes and microvesicle population or from tumor-specific exosome subpopulation, which helps to facilitate the identification of tumor miRNA or mRNAs signatures from human biofluids or cell culture media. We offer three different kits for exosome capture and RNA extraction.

EXO-TotalRNA: Overall Exosome Immunocapture and RNA extraction kit: Kit allows, by immunocapture, the isolation of overall exosome population from human biofluids or cell culture media and total RNA extraction.

TumorEXO-TotalRNA: Tumor Exosome Immunocapture and RNA extraction kit: Kit allows, by immunocapture, the enrichment of tumor-specific exosome population from human biofluids and total RNA extraction.

RNA Basic Kit: Kit allows total RNA extraction from exosomes pre-isolated with different methods (ultracentrifugation, chemical precipitation, immunocapture, size-chromatography etc.).

Applications: Direct capture and exosome RNA extraction from human biofluids and cell culture media without initial exosome purification step. Simultaneous miRNA and mRNA profiling (qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarray).Enrichment of tumor-derived exosomes for cancer miRNA marker profiling.

Advantages: High yield of total RNA (including small RNAs).Fast and user friendly protocol. Small starting amount of sample (less than 1 ml).Better RNA yield than similar products. The only kit on the market providing Exosome Standards as control.




Exosome and Tumor-derived Exosome Total RNA Extraction Kits allow capture, extraction and purification of total exosome RNA (mRNA and small RNA).


This kit provides excellent specificity and high binding capacity for exosome capture and RNA purification. High yield and quality of RNA extracted allow multiple downstream analyses.

Amount of starting material

Starting Material : Biological fluids  (plasma, serum, urine) and Cell culture supernatant

Up to 100 µL of biological sample per well, 800µL per strip (Immunoplate)

Or starting from 0.5mL of sample (Immunobeads)

Unfractionated plasma can be directly used for capture

Concentrated urine and cell culture supernatant samples are recommended prior capture according to our suggested protocol

Shipment and Storage

All the reagent are shipped at 4°C and storage conditions as recommended in the product insert

Expiration date

12 months (kits with Immunoplate)

6 months (kits with Immunobeads)


  • Direct capture and exosomal RNA extraction from biological fluids and cell culture supernatant without an initial purification step
  • Allows contemporary analysis and profile RNA markers
  • Nucleic acids are detected from small starting amount of samples
  • No chemical pretreatment of the sample
  • No use of capital equipment nor extensive sample processing
  • Reliable, efficient, works on multiple commercially available detection technologies
  • High purification rate and purity
  • Time-saving procedure


Exosome shuttled mRNA and small RNA constitute an important category of emerging biomarkers in development of diagnostic strategies as well as basic research in different biomedical fields. Isolation of pure and intact RNA is essential for downstream analysis.  The HansaBioMed Exosome RNA Extraction Kits feature easy to perform protocols using unpurified biological samples and requiring only 30 minutes for RNA purification, yielding highly purified RNA ready for downstream analysis such as PCR, RT-PCR, qRT-PCR and microarrays.