Enoxaparin Sodium Analysis – Enzyme Kit

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Heparinase kits for the USP test ⟨207⟩1,6-Anhydro Derivative for Enoxaparin Sodium.

A new kit developed for USP and Ph. Eur. analysis of Enoxaparin Sodium.
USP monograph 207 – 1,6-Anhydro Derivative for Enoxaparin Sodium
Ph. Eur. monograph 1097 – Enoxaparin sodium

Enoxaparin Sodium Analysis – Enzymes Kit
One kit is enough for one sample analysis or one blank and one standard.

Example; 10 sample analyses would require 11 kits, 10 for the samples and 1 for the blank and standard.

Convenient and straightforward the Iduron Heparinase Enzyme Kit has the following advantages:

Efficient and rapid analysis – Ready-to-use reagents.
Avoid enzyme freeze-thaw cycles – 1 analysis per vial.
Reliable, consistent results.
Quickly and accurately measure costs and check stock levels

Kit components:

Heparinase 1, 2, 3 Solution.
2 x 100ul vials of 1: 1: 1 mix of Heparinase 1, Heparinase 2 and Heparinase 3 solutions at a conc. of 0.4IU per ml in Potassium Phosphate buffer pH 7.0
Sodium/Calcium Acetate pH 7.0 Buffer Solution
1 x 200ul