Enoxaparin Sodium Analysis – Enzyme Kit

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Heparinase kits for the USP test ⟨207⟩1,6-Anhydro Derivative for Enoxaparin Sodium.


The idea is to try to help our customers by tailoring the products so as to be easier to use when conducting this test. We will also include the USP Enoxaparin Sodium reference standard.

The USP assay asks for the following solutions:

A mix of all Heparinase I, heparinase 2, and heparinase 3 dissolved in Potassium Phosphate pH 7.0 Buffer at a concentration of 0.4 IU per ml

1. Heparinase Mix Kit.
1 or more vials of 400ul Heparinase Mix Heparinase 1, 2, and 3 mixture solution at 0.4IU potassium phosphate buffer.
20ul Standard solution 1 - USP Enoxaparin Sodium 20mg per ml

You can order a kit with any number of enzyme vials; 1 vial = 1 assay, 2 vials = 3 assay, 3 vials = 5 assay, 4 vials = 7 assay etc