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DNA Extraction Kits

DNA Extraction Kits

Together with RNAs, genomic single or double-stranded DNA and mitochondrial DNA have been recently detected in exosomes and microvesicles. In particular the majority of double-stranded DNA seems to be associated with tumor derived exosomes (Thakur BK et al. Cell research 24.6; 2014) where it represents the entire genome of the cancerous tumor from which exosomes were derived. This discovery corroborates the potential of exosomes, which can be easily obtained from a simple blood test. HBM is the first company to develop a kit for the isolation of circulating and Exosome-associated genomic DNA, EXO-DNA.

EXO-DNA Kit combines the ability of EXO-Prep to isolate exosomes from a wide range of biofluids (plasma, urine, serum etc..) or culture supernatants with a user friendly system of DNA purification. Isolated exosomes are lysed with the appropriate lysis buffer and exosome DNA is purified by spin columns and optimized buffers with a fast turnaround time (approximatively 30 minutes). In addition EXO-DNA Kit provides lyophilized exosomes to be used as quality controls for exosome capture and DNA extraction.

Applications: Purification of circulating and exosome-associated DNA. Direct exosome capture and DNA purification from biofluids of cell media without time consuming purification steps. Isolation of genomic exosome-associated DNA by DNAse treatment. Profiling of exosome associated genomic DNA.

Advantages: Time saving procedure. The only kit on the market providing Exosome Standards as control. Nucleic acids extracted from a small volume amount. Possibility to profile together circulating and exosome-associated genes.