Smart Solutions for You! 

• Exactly pre-weighed buffers with pre-set pH 

• Formulated from analytical grade chemicals 

• Dissolve-and-go for greater convenience 

• Guaranteed lot-to-lot reproducibility 

• Stable at room temperature for 3 years 

• Ideal for standardizing laboratory work 

• Save space in stock rooms

SmartBuffers - Save Time and Money 

Biological buffers used daily in research and clinical laboratories are critical for experimental success. However, preparing biological buffers is usually perceived as a tedious and time-consuming laboratory activity prone to many errors. Medicago specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality, pre-made SmartBuffers that save valuable time in routine laboratory work while providing maintained or even increased precision. Don’t waste time preparing your own buffer solutions, with Medicago SmartBuffers you can focus on your research. 

SmartBuffers - Ultimate Convenience 

SmartBuffers are supplied in exactly pre-weighed tablets or powder pouches with given concentration and pre-set pH. Just dissolve one SmartBuffer tablet or the contents of one pouch in the specified volume of deionized water, and you are ready-to-go in minutes. The ultimate convenience that eliminates calculation, formulation, weighing and pH adjustment errors.

3rd Aug 2017 Scott Levy

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